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Lefemme Boue' is an extraordinary musical artist from the streets of Miami, Florida. She was introduced to music at an early age by her uncle, who was a writer for Miami hip hop artists. He would bring Lefemme to the studio and writing sessions often and she recorded her first hook at 13. She is a natural performer and joined a dance group at 17 that toured South Florida. She got a knack for the life of touring and styling as she began dressing everyone in the group.


At 20, Lemme stumbled upon a movie set in Miami and met people on set that would change her life. Before she knew it she was packing her bags to Los Angeles and hasn’t looked back since. Her undeniable sense of fashion lead her to an opportunity to dress Oscar award winner, Jamie Foxx.  She was able to learn the ins and outs of Hollywood during this time, but at some point could not deny her calling to make music and a true movement.


LeFemme’s music speaks to freedom, confidence, and fun. Her lyrics are inspiring and she encourages us all to vibrate on another level, which has lead her to being coined the Vibe Queen. She recorded her first single, “Fashion Problems” with AMA award winner Darren Superpower, and has since release 3 other singles and an EP, “"Gimme Dat Beat Fool". To learn more about the Vibe Queen, or for bookings, go to her website or contact her management team directly.




The Sound & Fashion of Lefemme-Boué
Higher- Lefemme Bouè ❌ Chaz Marcus ❌ Rian Basilio x Chillah Killahz-  (Official Video) 🔥

Higher- Lefemme Bouè ❌ Chaz Marcus ❌ Rian Basilio x Chillah Killahz- (Official Video) 🔥

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